Choosing your date for Valentines (Prologue)

Adapted from my sifu:

So guys, remember to plot the graph of the girl candidate you’re gonna date this Valentines. If the girl is above the diagonal line, please do not hesitate. However if she’s below the diagonal line, you’re better off going to the pub with your buddies/yumcha/dota/date your mum.

Happy Valentines Day~

Gaming Statistics

Taken from : Online Education via Gizmodo

My Valentine’s Day

Back in 2001-2002, I first saw Anne Hathaway on Princess Diaries and boy does she look fuzzy. Even my leg hair kalah to her hair.


But behold, the ultimate transformation of her commoner look to a royal glittering princess was 1 of the greatest transformation on television (ok, i was exaggerating) even better than frogs turning into princes (exaggerating 1 level higher), japanese lala guys turning into Ultraman (now i’m just doing it for the lulz) and of course way better than Taylor Laudner turning into a wolf (now I just wanna annoy Twilight fans).

  okay this looks dumb

This is slightly better

If Anne Hathaway is my date for Valentines Day, I would bring her to Sunway Pyramid to try archery. Reasons:

  1. I once was in archery club during my early high school days
  2. I got a medal for my school’s close archery competition. Owkay fine, its for lower secondary category. Oklaaaa  fine….its a medal for fourth place.
  3. I can cough* cough* teach her how to shoot an arrow. Isn’t that what we guys do? ahem ahem

Our night date would then be a completely out of the ordinary date for her. It’ll be her fetching me on her scooter going up and down Lookout Point. I need to show her that she’s no longer a princess and she gotta show some effort on a date too, plus it should be fun doing things out of the ordinary, since she would have got bored of fine dining and all those classy celebrity sort of stuff. I’ll be like Aladdin taking Princess Jasmine out on a carpet. Only difference is, she’s the driver and its a magic scooter.

The upcoming movie Valentines Day features a long list of your favourite stars in a mash up romantic comedy film this February.


So who wanna be my valentine this Valentines Day? or who wanna be my pretend-valentine to watch this with me?

DIGI Pimp My Day Challenge (team blog post)

We, the Licky have done many…many amazing things to fight for a spot in the Digi’s Pimp My Day Challenge and we succeeded..!!! Even after our out-of-the-world super ‘serious’ video got us a spot for the final challenge, our lickiness (here on, lickiness=craziness) did not end there.


We transfer our lickiness unto our yellow T-shirts by performing our own T-shirt cutting. We spent lots of time watching tutorials on how to cut t-shirts to make sure we would stand out and draw attention.


All four of us at Ann’s house pimping our t-shirts with scissors

DSCN4218 Deniece, our main T-shirt pimping sifuDSCN4216

Ann trying to pimp her t-shirt sexy yet decent. Is that possible?

DSCN4214 Thinking did we pimped our shirts too sexy?

Introducing Licky Team 16

After pimping our shirts, we grabbed our brunch and heads to our Licky Mobile and zoom ourselves in lickyyear speed (lightyear speed, get it?) to 1 Utama.

We checked in to Mardi Gras, a group pic showcaing our pimped-out tees


We were designated Team 16, check out our logo =p


Ann IMG_0856


IMG_0853 Victor

IMG_0854 Yours truly

IMG_0860Deniece tatooed my back with our logo

This was also the first time I get to try Digi’s Broadband Dongle, which was really quick to install and use. The speed was above my expectation too.

Briefing for the Pimp My Day Challenge begins shortly and off we go!!!!

Stamina challenge - Celebrity Fitness -

With teams rushing off every single direction, we decided Celebrity would be our first station, knowing that Victor and me have joined several 10km road races before which gives us advantage in a stamina-related challenge.


Off we go!!!


We got lost! (just for alittle while :p)


Run 800 metres on a treadmill??? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!!

IMG_0902Its so freaking easy, Deniece is even brushing her teeth!

IMG_0900Trying to act that we’re giving our all, but seriously this is too easy, fake expressions

This challenge was fun, but guess who’s the winner? Our sweats, we were sweating and we have 7 more stations to go~

Pose challenge – Quicksilver -


The beautiful Quiksilver outletIMG_0909 Clothes we had to select from


Anyone want these shirts, if it looks good on us the ugly-amateur-forced models, it’ll definitely look good on you!

The “Net live in your phone challenge” – Nokia -

We did so great that we don’t need to take photos :p. We had to watch a Nokia ad and catch a clue on how to decipher a coded message which requires our handphone’s sms dictionary.

Nevertheless~~ Here's a print screen version of us watching that Nokia ad~


Bull eyes – Digi -

This is where we live our dreams to be red indians/orang asli/pocahontas/whatever indigenous fantasy we had. We need blow through that bamboo weapon to shoot darts (just some plain lidi stick for safety) at the target.


Ann: *blows* *fuup* missed.


While taking photo with our target score, Victor was shooting the other teams that came later than us.

Digi Music Download – Digi -



We had to search Lady Gaga and Akon’s song and add it to our Digi Music playlist. Digi music is free when you subscribe to Digi Broadband. More info/confirmation go to Digi

Baseball batting – It’s a Hit! Batting Cages -

*press close*

ARGHh close fasterr!!!!

IMG_0930Goofing around in the elevator~~



We took batting tutorials from a stranger, Azahari. IMG_0938 I’d actually used my ninja speed to avoid his swing.


Thanks AZAHARI!!!


Drop a comment if you want her number


Refer previous pic


Refer previous pic

We really enjoyed our time at It’s a Hit. The batting was fun, it was the only batting cage in Malaysia. The highlight was Mr. Azahari who willingly taught us how to bat and gave us tips which were really helpful as we do manage to hit a few balls. Thank you….

Digi & Swatch Ad

IMG_0951 Planning our commercial

WE had a little trouble coming up with an ad, but somehow we pulled through it. There were some confusions with uploading the video on Facebook which resulted us in failing to upload it in time =(. how sadddd.....

Anyways... The fun did not end here as the party just began~

And the DJ for the night giving us some pimped up songs to dance and shake our b.*.*.t.y. to~


I think the bloggers there were more busy trying to get their blogs, videos and photos up on time.. hehe...

Then comes the looong queue.... What was the queue for....??!!

Well... Its for the... Fooooood~~~~~~

Glorious FOooooOOooddd~~~~~~~~

Glorious FOooooOOooddd~~~~~~~~

Glorious FOooooOOooddd~~~~~~~~

Oh and we had JOJO STRUYS as our MC for the night~~!!!

She somehow has this cute voice that seems to grabs everyone's attention...

*stares dreamily at her*

Here's a pole dancing shot~

Gotta need lotsa muscles to do what she's doing... Muscles.. and sexiness as well. hehe..

We had our fun, enjoyed the pole dancing performance, and the awesome KL Stompers (seriously, theres a KL version of Stompers?). Thanks alot to Digi for organizing this event for Nuffnangers. We, Licky will revenge in future Digi events for Nuffnangers…

till the day approaches……